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Over the years I have encountered unskillful amateurs with slick formulas at the teaching helm. They lead their unfortunate followers into a great void that is as far removed from the world of fine art as it possible to be. Although painting can be a relaxing experience, it requires concentration and discipline. Above all a painting must be good. Like anything that is worthwhile, art in all its forms can not be taught nor appreciated in “three easy steps”, and unless one is sketching, a painting should be worked on over a period of days, not minutes.


Both as a painter and a teacher, I seek, in brushstrokes, to distinguish not between the large and the small; rather the trivial and the important. In the arts there is scarcely anything as reprehensible as bad painting and nothing so lofty and worth attaining as that which is good. Art, like life, is not a matter of snobbery; it is a matter of taste.Yearly enrolment encompasses 70 students. Half and full day classes are offered from October through April.


Marco Bronzini is a great artist whose works are deeply moving. He is a great teacher, who intuitively recognizes the artistic path forward for his students ~ Renate P.

It is evident that Marco has a deep understanding of the history, eras, evolution, materials and methods which culminate in making art. His own remarkable works reflect this knowledge and experience. Because he understands his own process of creating works of art, he is more than able to encourage other artists to understand their own unique process of creating art. ~ Rochelle S

I had been a painter for years, without much success until I started studying with Marco Bronzini.  He has the unique ability to teach the basic craft, while encouraging the students’ own unique talent, bringing out the best in each one of us. ~ Derinda C.

Marco Bronzini Art School & Studio
2950 Tamiami Trail N #11, Naples, FL 34103